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SCRB 135
Reproductive biology


Course description:

This advanced undergraduate course focuses on the molecular and cellular basis for reproduction in mammals. We will learn about how the reproductive tracts develop and change over the lifespan and discuss ethical considerations surrounding reproductive biology. Topics include: reproductive development; puberty; menstruation, infertility, pregnancy, and menopause; benign gynecological conditions and reproductive cancers.

Pipetting Samples
Test Tubes
Test Tubes

Integrated science


Course description:

This is an intensive two-semester, double course that introduces the natural sciences as an integrated whole to students who have a very strong interest in science. Our goal is to teach students how to solve scientific problems by drawing methods and concepts from biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. The course uses examples from biology as an integrating theme, principles from physics and mathematics to reduce complex problems to simpler forms, and computer simulation to allow students to develop their intuition about the behavior of the dynamical systems that control the physical and biological universe. 

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